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Spectrum Auctions
The spectrum auctions site is a link to information related to spectrum auctions Industry Canada has conducted and are proposing to undertake. Spectrum auctions are a means to license wireless services in those instances where demand for radio frequency spectrum exceeds that available. The Framework for Spectrum Auctions in Canada document outlines the approach that Industry Canada will take whenever spectrum is assigned by auction in the future. The decision to hold an auction will be made on a band-by-band basis after public consultation.

Spectrum Direct
Spectrum Management's on-line services web site provides public access to information on frequency use within Canada via a variety of search tools. For our clients, we offer secure access to on-line applications for land mobile or microwave radio licences with supporting utilities, information on licensed land or mobile stations, and on-line invoice payment. Secure, restricted access to the protected areas of our site is made possible through self-serve web profiles, available to any of our clients. Key features of the site are now being made available to wireless devices as well. For more information on any of our services, consult the site's context-sensitive on-line help.