Statement from Minister


The public consultation period ended on July 13, 2010, at which time this website was closed to additional comments and submissions.

Between May 10 and July 13, more than 2010 Canadian individuals and organizations registered to share their ideas and submissions. You can read their contributions—and the comments from other users—in the Submissions Area and the Idea Forum.

Thank you for visiting the online consultation website for Canada's first-ever digital economy strategy.

The consultation period has now ended, and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to consider this important subject—to share your thoughts and opinions on digital technology and on how Canada's digital future should take shape.

For more than 60 days we've seen a constant stream of visitors to our consultation site. I thank you for all your many formal submissions and for your contributions to the ideas forum. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into this input.

Now we begin reviewing your submissions, ideas, and tweets. Once we have reviewed all of the public input, as well as the results of meetings with industry as well as federal, provincial, and territorial representatives, we will develop an action plan for regaining Canada's leadership as a digital economy.

The work is underway, but I ask your patience.

We want to get this right. It's important to Canada's economic and competitive future. We want to make sure that the resulting strategy for Canada's digital economy reflects what we've heard from you over the past 60-plus days.

Other countries have typically taken between 6 and 18 months to develop their strategies, so it's reasonable to expect that Canada's strategy will be developed in a similar time frame.

This website is now closed to any further submissions, but I invite you to check back here for news and further developments as we put together our strategy for Canada's digital economy.

Of course, we didn't put everything else on hold while the consultation was taking place.

In recent weeks the Government of Canada announced investments under the Broadband Canada program, introduced new copyright and anti-spam legislation, and updated our privacy laws for the digital age. All of these measures are critical cornerstones of the digital economy.

The Government of Canada is looking at realigning resources and continuing to invest in initiatives that yield the greatest return, that are vital to Canada's long-term competitiveness.

Let me thank you again for taking part in this consultation on Canada's digital future.

Thank you.