Digital Infrastructure


The public consultation period ended on July 13, 2010, at which time this website was closed to additional comments and submissions.

Between May 10 and July 13, more than 2010 Canadian individuals and organizations registered to share their ideas and submissions. You can read their contributions—and the comments from other users—in the Submissions Area and the Idea Forum.

The telecommunications industry has gone through a major shift toward next generation networks (NGN), which provide dramatic improvements in speed, functionality and integration of services… Continue reading the short summary of this theme or download the full consultation paper.

We want your ideas on the following:

  1. What speeds and other service characteristics are needed by users (e.g., consumers, businesses, public sector bodies and communities) and how should Canada set goals for next generation networks?
  2. What steps must be taken to meet these goals? Are the current regulatory and legislative frameworks conducive to motivating investment and competition? What are the appropriate roles of stakeholders in the public and private sectors?
  3. What steps should be taken to ensure there is sufficient radio spectrum available to support advanced infrastructure development?
  4. How best can we ensure that rural and remote communities are not left behind in terms of access to advanced networks and what are the priority areas for attention in these regions?
  5. Should we set targets for our made-in-Canada digital strategy? And if so, what should those targets be?
  6. What should the timelines be to reach these targets?

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