Improving Canada's Digital Advantage — Recommendations from Canada 3.0 2010

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Submitted by Communitech 2010–07–12 13:17:49 EDT
Theme(s): Building Digital Skills, Canada's Digital Content, Digital Infrastructure, Growing the ICT Industry, Innovation Using Digital Technologies

Executive Summary

As the major outreach event for the University of Waterloo Stratford Initiatives and the Canadian Digital Media Network, Canada 3.0 2010 provided a unique vantage point from which to examine the pressing questions facing Canada as we seek to secure leadership in the global digital economy. The general consensus reached at Canada 3.0 was agreement on the urgency for action posed by global competition, the need for collaboration across all sectors of society, and that the emerging foundation of the digital era is not simply digital media technology, but rather connectivity — the social and cultural outcome of the new technology. Participants in the Canada 3.0 2010 Forum articulated a collective ambition to be achieved by Canada's 150th birthday in 2017:

  • To identify a transformative national vision;
  • To articulate a compelling shared goal of a society empowered and connected through the creative use of new technologies;
  • To create an innovative, informed and engaged society, which leads the new global digital economy;
  • To be a society in which our governing institutions, our health care and educational institutions model the benefits ; and
  • To foster a private sector, drawing inspiration from the creative arts, which markets Canadian ingenuity to the world.

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