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Submitted by ck872 2010-06-07 14:07:43 EDT

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"6 — How can we ensure that all Canadians, including those with disabilities (learning, visual, auditory), will benefit from and participate in the Canadian digital economy?"

"learning" — autism is closely associated with in utero inappropriate electromagnetic exposures

"visual" — eye damage was among the earliest well-established effects of inappropriate electromagnetic exposures

"auditory" — radiofrequency hearing or auditory effect, a type of tinnitus, of still uncertain mechanism, has become rampant these past few years of mass proliferation of wireless usage

Put all three together and one gets a sense of the absurdity of official ignoring of scholarly and anecdotal accounts of the grave dangers under the current HC-IC regime re all manner of electromagnetic usage.

Disabilities are growing as cries of danger continue to be ignored.
What sense addressing access for disabled people minus addressing the very generation of such disabilities, all around the very same topic?!

See also Infrastructure dangers and Well Directed Innovation.


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