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Submitted by Doug22 2010-06-25 17:27:19 EDT

Theme: Innovation Using Digital Technologies
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An incentive for a company to invest in computer equipment, systems, and development effort in order to increase their productivity, usually comes down to a payback calculation and availability of capital, time and desire. Replacing a legacy system that works with a new system that will "eventually" work is often a tough sell. The buy in to generate change usually does not take place until there is some kind of crisis. This may come from internal situations such as obsolete equipment or software that cannot be supported, or externally from a competitor being that much better that your market share is disappearing. In any case, the barriers include not having a vision of what could be accomplished with new equipment and systems, no capitol to make the change, no time to develop a new system, and our natural Canadian conservatism. Do the statistics published about our lack of international competitiveness generate sufficient "crisis" to a company that they are going to change? I doubt it. We are more likely to measure ourselves against our local situation and not notice a slow decline into less and less productivity and lack of technical savvy relative to say the USA.

So what can we do? Beat the drum on international statistics? Wait another five years doing nothing so that a real crisis can be demonstrated? I have the hope that international competition will be the force that brings about change. In order for that to happen, we need to reduce import taxes and open the airwaves to more international access. We need a little shot of something as we seem to be overly smug at our insulation from the global recession. We need some leadership.


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